When Are Brake Pads Too Thin?

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There are few things more important than ensuring that the brakes on your car are in tip-top shape, but how can you know when brake pads are too thin? It can be difficult to know exactly when they need replacing or maintenance. Luckily, we have a blog from one of our service team members to help you out. Below, we’ll detail some of the tell-tale signs that your brakes are in a dire a state, and then you’ll be able to swing by our dealership to learn more and to get the repair process started at our service center.

Warning Signs

So how can you tell when your brakes are ready for some work? Here are a few tips:

  • The Brake Pedal is Vibrating – If in pressing down on the brake pedal you feel a vibration, then chances are your brake pads are wearing out and becoming too thin.
  • The Brake Pads Appear Too Thin – Check on the status of your brake pads by peering through the spokes of the car wheel: if you see that less than ¼ inch of the pad is visible, you’re running out of stopping power.
  • The Brakes make a Clicking Noise – You should also be on the look-out for out-of-the-ordinary sounds, like clicking or screeching. Both of these can indicate that you’ve worn the brake pads thin enough that they are in dire need of replacing.
  • The Brakes Make a Grinding Sound – The last of the sounds to be on the lookout for; if you hear a low grinding when you’re braking, then you very well might have a problem. Usually this means your caliper is gripping the rotor and grinding metal into metal to stop the car.
  • The Car is Pulling – Lastly, if it seems that your car is pulling toward one side of the road, then there might be a few problems—with the wheels, for example—one of which involves the brake pads. You’ll be able to tell whether the brake pads are the culprit if the car pulls when you’re not using the steering wheel and you are braking.

Service Your Brakes at Commonwealth Honda

If you notice any of those warning signs, then the answer to “when are brake pads too thin” is right now. Any behavior that’s out of the ordinary with your brakes should mean a trip to the mechanic, and you can schedule service online at your convenience, knowing Honda-certified technicians are taking care of your vehicle.

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